Monday, April 20, 2009

Name: Mari Saotome

Age: 17 Looks:

Long Black Hair, Green eyes, athletic build.Personality: Motivated, strong, energetic and willing to do anything for a friend. Does not get along well with other girls besides her best friend Temari. Takes crap from nobody. Good friends with all the guys.

***Mari's P.O.V***

You,sasuke,sakura,naruto and kakashi(pretend hes not dead)were walking bak to the village from a mission in the land of tea.Sakura was giggling non-stop because YOUR best-friend(only out of the guys cuzTemari is her true bff)Uchiha,sasuke was whispering sweet nothings in her and twiddling(sp?) her bublegum pink hair between his pale fingers."psssssssst mari!Have you told sasuke you lo-mmmmm"his voice was muffled but your hand"NO!!!"you whisper/yelled and bashed your fist down on his head.Creating a small dent in the earth"jeez mari.Trying to kill naruto?or trying to impress MY sasuke-kun."sakura put on an innocent smile"jeez sakura.Trying to be Ms.BubbleGum bitch?"sakuras face turned pure SHOCK"sasuke are going to let her talk to your GIRLFRIEND like that!?!?!"Sasuke turned with a hard glare and wrapped an arm around sakuras waist."...mari...leave my Girlfriend alone" the word girlfriend coming from sasuke hurt you and the fact that sentence wasnt to defend you made it sting and burn.You were silent till you reached the gates,sadly you and sasuke walk the same way home."mari"you stayed silent he called 3 more times til you reached ur door "MARI!!" he was on your doorstep,so you turned, gave your most dazzling smile and slammed the door in his face.I ran up the stairs and cried which is rare.I nearly jumped out of my skin when my phone were so happy cuz temari always calledme at 7 o'clockyou skipped down the stairs and reached for the phone when....


you were slammed against the wall with brute force.You cried out and looked up only to meet a pair sharingan eyes full of Lust & Want."s-sasuke" "Mari..please just let me have you""sasuke what about sakura?""shell get over it"he mumbled leaning down to your fragile and pale form to steal a long passionate kiss from you plump cherry lips.You were enjoying this more than anything in the world...You always loved sasuke.You blushed when sasuke licked your bottom lip,yet you kept your lips closed that is until he pinched your inner thigh.You opened your mouth to yelp but sasuke wasted no time in jamming his tounge in your mouth "mmmmm" you moaned and he just swallowed the sounds you made like it was candy"s-sasuke"you mumbled as you felt something hard on your thigh."mari"he mumbled"kissing your neck" I want you"..You moaned when he licked your neck with his hot and expeirenced tounge "sasuke s-stop'' nothing"sasuke!".."WHY!?"''because you dont love me''he smirked"who said that?"you gasped giving him an oppurtunity to slide his tounge in your mouth"mmmm"again the sound was swallowed he ripped my shirt off like an eager kid at christmas."eep!!"you blushed and covered yourself."mari.."he growled yanking your wrists away from chest "dont hide from me"he chuckledYou grinned pressing your lips against his,His tounge thrusting past your teeth and begining a wild dance with your tounge.he tasted hot & of his hands traced the ridges of my spine,stopping at the curve of my butt,His other tangled in my hair.Our kiss was wild and so wonderfully wicked.I moaned in excitment."sasuke"I wheezed as he un clasped my bra and played with my breasts.I bit back a moan as he reached down and undid my skirts button.I cried as he slowly stuck one finger into me, and pushed it in and out, then another finger. i teared up, and he slowly put his head down and flicked my clit with his tounge, then stuck his tounge into me roughly. I couldn't help but wince, as the tears rolled down my cheeks."Are you ok mari?" I shook my head ''Itll be better i promise"He said taking his fingers out of my underwear and tearing them to shreds.He undressed himself infront of me.He was toned and pale.he Kissed my lips and thrust into me while i was distracted "mmmm" i whmpered against his lips,tears rolling down my cheeks.He thrusted slowly "s-sasuke"I grunted he seemed to love the sound and picked up speed "sasuke Faster!!"He was slamming into me "Harder!"he was grunting and grabbed a hanfull of my ass pounding away inside me."oh god y-yes!" i screamed Coming closer to my edge "mari!" sasuke grunted going faster when suddenly he knocked everything off my coffee table and laid me down and Hit a certain Spot Making me scream"O right there!sasuke!!" He chuckled"Oh you like it there dont you?"He hit the spot harder And faster"sasuke,O god dont stop please!"faster andharderhe went(if humanly possible)"SASUKE!!I love you sasuke!!"i screamed reaching my peek throwing him over the edge with me "I love you to Mari"he said riding out his climaxe.

***Next Day***

You woke up with no sasuke next to youYou sighed looking out the window only to sasuke.And sakura. kissing.But suddenly he pushed her away and You heard her scream"Why her!?! Over me!?!"You smirked and sasuke was yours...Not hers.


  1. yeah cool but why did u say kakashi is dead u do realize he was reborn to life he is NOT dead ^_^

    1. true...truee But ! maybe she didn't saw the rest of the episode and of course imagination as no limits ^_~